Winona Crossings Costco update Oct 23, 2015

Wednesday Mar 27th, 2019


As I am sure most residents at 50 point/ Lake pointe community have seen, It looks like construction is finally beginning. This post is intended to inform potential buyers of this area or people from surrounding areas that have not seen it for themselves, and to offer to current homeowners in this area a free market evaluation for their property. It looks like our shopping mecca is finally going to start being developed which in turn means that this is really going to put our little "diamond in the rough" area on the map, and I would predict that house prices in this neighborhood are going to skyrocket from this point forward. No matter who you are, If you have any questions about buying or selling, please feel free to call me direct at 905-541-9180 any time. As a resident here at 50 point/ Lake pointe community and your local Realtor, It would be a pleasure to here from you!

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